Sunday, 12 July 2009


By now all participants on this year's Biscay Triangle should have received an e-mail explaining a little about Yachtplot and how it may be used by your family and friends to follow your progress on the rally. In order to get the most from this service it is now timely for you to start building up your Yachtplot pages in advance of the start of the rally.

For example, you could now write your biography page, post a couple of photos to `Yachtpix' and write an introductory statement for your position report page telling everyone a little about your forthcoming participation in the Biscay Triangle (who is sailing , brief details of your yacht and when you will be sailing from Torquay, how far it is to La Coruna and when you expect to get there etc etc).

You will need to go to, enter your callsign and member's password (given in my e-mail).

In order to view the pages that you write your family and friends will need to enter your yacht name and password ( as given in my e-mail for your yacht).

Your position will be updated automatically by one of the following methods: by you sending a `posrep' ( by e-mail from your yacht, by sending me a posrep by SMS, via the daily roll call and the Net Controller's posrep), when you have access to the internet you may update your `blog' with a short narrative eg. telling people that you have arrived safely in La Coruna.

Remember also that at any time your family and friends are viewing what amounts to your personal website and they can leave a message eg `Well done everyone have a great time in La Coruna' without needing to have their own email address or even understand how emails work.

Apart from position reporting being an aid to safety and an important way of keeping people at home informed of your circumstances, all this adds tremendously to the fun and adventure of the rally. As a regular user of the system, I commend it to you.

Tony Diment
Rally Director

Written by Webmaster Wednesday, 08 July 2009 12:03

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