Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Monday, 20 July 2009

Start of the blue water rally not looking to clever with the weather expected...whats worse, a force 7 blow in Biscay, or holed up waiting for a weather window in Plymouth for 2 days??

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Saturday 18th July

Saturday and everything is shipshape and ticketyboo on Little Wing...except the weather and the fact we have arrived 24 hours too early for the sailing club BBQ....and Martin's own internal wind situation is blowing up to F8...

Monday, 13 July 2009

About YM Biscay Triangle

From the UK to Spain and back via the Bay of Biscay and Atlantic France

The Yachting Monthly Biscay Triangle is an annual 3-week cruising rally for yachtsmen wishing to experience a long-range cruise in company. The Rally provides camaraderie and professional support and will benefit both experienced long-distance cruising yachtsmen and those wishing to extend their sailing experience in a fully-supported, club-style cruising event.

The departure and return are made at Torquay, where a warm reception is always assured by the Royal Torbay Yacht Club. At the end of a 500-mile passage to La Coruña in North-West Spain, the club-style ethos of the event is underlined by our rally hosts at the Real Club Nautico of La Coruña and at the Société Nautique at La Trinité in South Brittany.

The Yachting Monthly Biscay Triangle commences in late July and lasts 3 weeks, providing sufficient time for joining in Torquay and for returning home after the event. Under way, the fleet maintains an inter-yacht radio net and there is the added security (and fun) of sailing in company. Plenty of time is afforded at stopovers for excursions, socialising, general maintenance and crew changeovers. Stopover ports have been specially chosen with these factors in mind and a comprehensive programme of events is arranged at each venue.

Experienced shore-based support, a keynote of the Blue Water World Rally, is provided at each of the 3 stopovers. Before the start of each leg there is a series of safety briefings, covering such aspects as communication, weather and route. The Yachting Monthly Biscay Triangle Rally provides a taste of Blue Water Rally sailing, not only by its professional organisation, but equally by engendering the seaman's spirit of mutual help and, above all, by making the experience ……. fun!

Your Planned ETA in Torquay

It would greatly assist the marina planning in Torquay if you could let them know your likely arrival time. The estimated time does not need to be precise and don't worry about the vagaries of the weather. It would be immensely helpful however, if everyone could simply let Mike Smith (the Marina Manager at Torquay) know roughly when you are planning on arriving ie. afternoon Sunday 19th July or evening Saturday 18th July. Please e-mail Mike Smith

Written by Tony Diment, Rally Director Wednesday, 24 June 2009 08:58

Sunday, 12 July 2009


By now all participants on this year's Biscay Triangle should have received an e-mail explaining a little about Yachtplot and how it may be used by your family and friends to follow your progress on the rally. In order to get the most from this service it is now timely for you to start building up your Yachtplot pages in advance of the start of the rally.

For example, you could now write your biography page, post a couple of photos to `Yachtpix' and write an introductory statement for your position report page telling everyone a little about your forthcoming participation in the Biscay Triangle (who is sailing , brief details of your yacht and when you will be sailing from Torquay, how far it is to La Coruna and when you expect to get there etc etc).

You will need to go to www.yachtplot.com, enter your callsign and member's password (given in my e-mail).

In order to view the pages that you write your family and friends will need to enter your yacht name and password ( as given in my e-mail for your yacht).

Your position will be updated automatically by one of the following methods: by you sending a `posrep' ( by e-mail from your yacht, by sending me a posrep by SMS, via the daily roll call and the Net Controller's posrep), when you have access to the internet you may update your `blog' with a short narrative eg. telling people that you have arrived safely in La Coruna.

Remember also that at any time your family and friends are viewing what amounts to your personal website and they can leave a message eg `Well done everyone have a great time in La Coruna' without needing to have their own email address or even understand how emails work.

Apart from position reporting being an aid to safety and an important way of keeping people at home informed of your circumstances, all this adds tremendously to the fun and adventure of the rally. As a regular user of the system, I commend it to you.

Tony Diment
Rally Director

Written by Webmaster Wednesday, 08 July 2009 12:03